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Popular's Surprising Popularity in the U.S.
We Spotlight the largest Hispanic financial services corporation in the U.S. Banco Popular. CEO Richard L. Carrion discusses how they quickly reached Fortune and Forbes' lists of top corporations in terms of assets and revenues.  
(Episode #107

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The future of DVD, videocassettes, CD-ROMs
How Technicolor has become the world leader in video duplication, CD and DVD replication with a capacity of one million units per day.
(Episode #106



On-line Yellow Pages - Letting your mouse do the walking, Verizon Information Services' yellow pages gives users access to every edition of the yellow pages nationwide. Mark Kriski has the story...(Episode #105

Currently airing on-board United and Varig Airlines



Can the U.S. meet its energy demands without Middle East oil?
If California's energy crisis has taught us anything, it's the enormous cost of coming up short-handed. Charlie Pryor, CEO of Westinghouse Electric, explains why we should take another look at nuclear energy and reduce our reliance on oil imports from the Middle East. (Episode #104

Currently airing on-board United and Varig Airlines



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