Television Newsrooms reached via Media Alert

Over 10,000 reporters covering more that 900 news beats in 69+ countries currently subscribe to our feed including the following TV newsrooms. Each newsroom is offered your complete transcript, VNR Spotlight with separate audio tracks and B-roll on Beta or 3/4".

Each Media Alert is personalized to match your story to the subject a reporter covers. Reporters are able to quickly evaluate the content of your
VNR to incorporate into news broadcasts, working print articles, or Web pages.

Broadcast masters are also distributed to major airlines and cruise ships
Sampling of Recent Media Placements




28 Online WFTS-TVFL  Tampa  Broadcast TV
ABC 6  RI  Providence  Broadcast TV
ABC News  NY  New York  Broadcast TV
ABC News (Associate Producer)  NY  New York  Broadcast TV
ABC News Nightline  Broadcast TV
A-Channel  Alberta  Edmonton  Broadcast TV
American Computer Enthusiasts  TX  Broadcast TV
Arena Television Foxtel  Australia N.S.W  Sydney  Cable TV
Armed Forces Network - Korea  KoreaAPOBroadcast TV
Asahi Broadcasting  CA  Los Angeles  Broadcast TV
Bay Insider KTVU-FOX 2  CA  Oakland  Broadcast TV
before hours CNNfn  DC  Washington  Cable TV
Block Consumer News  FL  Jupiter  Broadcast TV
Blue Mountain Television  WA  College Place  Cable TV
Brattleboro Community TelevisionVTBrattleboro  Cable TV
Business Unusual CNNfn  DC  Washington  Cable TV
C/net Central  CA  San Francisco  Broadcast TV
C/net The New Edge  CA  San Francisco  Broadcast TV
C/net TV  CA  San Francisco  Broadcast TV
C/net  CA  San Francisco  Broadcast TV
Cable 12 News 
(Northwest Community Television)
MN  Brooklyn Park Cable TV
California General television  CA  Broadcast TV
Cascadia Media Communications (Vancouver BC)BC  Vancouver Broadcast TV
CBC Television / CBC Newsworld  Ontario  Toronto  Broadcast TV
CBS Market Watch  NY  New York  Broadcast TV
CBS MarketWatch, Third Age Media  CA  Oakland  Broadcast TV
CBS News  NY  New York  Broadcast TV
CBS News Radio  FL  Orlando  Broadcast TV
CBS News-Sci/Tech-Business and Culture Features  NY  New York
Broadcast TV
CBS Television Network  NY  New York  Broadcast TV
CBS This Morning  NY  New YorkBroadcast TV
CBS Up to the MinuteBroadcast TV
CLTV NewsIL  Oak Brook/Chicago  Broadcast TV
CMC Television Network  CA  OaklandBroadcast TV
CNBC  NJFort LeeBroadcast TV
C-net East Coast Bureau  Broadcast TV
Community Television Network  MI  Ann Arbor  Cable TV
Computer Net (WWL-TV)LA  New Orleans  Broadcast TV
Computer StewMA  CambridgeBroadcast TV
ComputerWise  Broadcast TV
C-Span's Washington Journal  DC  Washington  Broadcast TV
C-SPAN-TV-Program Producers  DC  Washington  Broadcast TV
CTV Television Network Ltc.  BC  VancouverBroadcast TV
Cyberspace 3-D  Broadcast TV
Dateline NBC - Network Television  Broadcast TV
December First Television  NYNew York  Broadcast TV
Deco Drive  FL  Miami  Broadcast TV
digital jam CNNfn  DC  Washington  Cable TV
E! Entertainment TelevisionCA  Los Angeles  Broadcast TV
Education  MOColumbia  Broadcast TV
Electric City  CA San FranciscoCable TV
Eye on Travel  CA  Pasadena  Broadcast TV
First Business Television Show  CA  Palm Desert  Broadcast TV
Flagship Channel  MD  College Park  Cable TV
Fox News Channel  NY  New York  Broadcast TV
Freelance Reporter/Producer - -  Broadcast TV
Future Watch (CNN Programming)  Broadcast TV
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