Torbay Holdings Inc: Enters into a Media-Blitz Agreement for TV, Radio &
Press Placements, Valued at $1.3M, in Support of Its On-Going Sales Growth

Thursday May 29, 11:49 am ET

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 29, 2003--Torbay Holdings Inc (ticker OTCBB: TRBY.OB) announced today that it has appointed TVA Productions (Los Angeles) to develop and launch a Media-Blitz Campaign for TV, radio, print media, and airline in-flight programs.

"TVA's 15 year experience of 'getting the message' out is of key strategic importance to us. We have already seen that sales activity directly correlates with news media activity." said Tom Large, President of Torbay Holdings, "TVA state the media placement value of this campaign at $1.3 million. TVA have an impressive track record, with other publicly traded companies, of getting 'the news out' and in front of target audiences. Recent media events correlate with (un-audited) order intake increasing during the first two months of this quarter to approximately 100% and 150%, respectively, of the entire Q1 intake. So it is hoped that an appropriately named "Media-Blitz" will build on this growth, positively impacting the latter part of Q3 and in Q4. We are assuming the summer holiday period might mediate activity from late June through August. Media of this sort, we believe, has lead to an increasing number of orders and increasingly we are seeing them from email addresses that end in 'dot-gov'. Receipt of Quill samples, requested for the computer showroom at Los Alamos Research Facility, was met with an enthusiastic response from the Ergonomist and an immediate order."

TVA, a news production, placement and media communications firm, specializes in cost-efficient and effective multi-media, news and public relations programs for Fortune 500 companies, ad agencies, PR firms, national associations, non-profits, start-ups, micro & mid-cap companies and government agencies. The firm also supplies a network of more than 20,000 print and electronic media outlets with its specialty news and entertainment content, including four internationally syndicated TV newsmagazine programs: Business World News, Health World News, Entertainment World News, and Healthy Living.

"It's rare that we find products that stand out like this, says Executive VP of TVA and Senior Producer of 'Business World News' - one that has the propensity to change the way we interact with a computer, for the better. It already has in our office, as product evaluation was part of our own due diligence and we are totally sold on the benefits of the Quill as users."

The key elements of the campaign will be airings on television, via local broadcast and cable channels to a cumulative minimum of 50 million households in addition to a guaranteed airing on at least one major Airline for an entire month as in-flight programming. A Flash email version ("eBroadcast") will be broadcasted to 100,000 opt-in subscribers, a minimum of 100 newspaper placements and 200 radio station placements.


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